A love that rises with the ashes of the fallen towers and stretches across time.

Peter finds his late lover’s AIDS journal on the eve of his New York City gallery debut, a journal filled with letters from Rano to a son named Mustafa. The journal’s revelation of Mustafa paralyzes Peter’s professional and private lives. What other secrets will the journal reveal? The trauma of a near-death experience on 9/11 compels Peter to scour Rano’s journal for the clues he needs to paint again … and to love.

Peter has company. His art dealer, Erica, must convince her brainy ex to salvage Rano’s brilliant Internet research. Brice must resolve his feelings for Peter and Rano, and for his own curtailed creative career. Immigrant-turned-millionaire Linh must reconcile with her family. As the first anniversary approaches, the collector Thomas waits to see how Peter will honor 9/11, and with whom.

Available January 1, 2024. Pre-order today!

Ana Islas interviews Steven Damron about Dear Mustafa